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for being part of your journey

I am grateful

Executive Vice President, Salesforce

“I've been working with Sonia for over a year and she's fantastic. She helps me to think through challenges or issues from different perspectives and I always find her feedback and observations insightful and impactful.” 


Director, Kellog Company

“Sonia's coaching is a game changer! She has a keen ability to listen and find opportunity. Her suggestions for me are making notable differences in how I am managing my career. She suggested impactful reading material for me based on what I shared with her in our sessions. I highly recommend Sonia.” 


Global Director, Anheuser-Busch InBev

 “My value as an employee and team leader has improved dramatically, a real 180. Sonia helped me identify the real sources of my manager's concerns –around emotional regulation— and explore the root causes, practice exercises for improvement, and follow-through. My manager and I have both seen a big difference in my attitude and behavior, and my ability to be a strong team player and manager”


Senior Leader, British Petroleum

“Sonia was the key to my successful development within the coaching program as she created awareness around my development needs and helped me be better understand these development needs along with what good looks like.  I now have awareness and methods and tools to continually grow as a leader”  



“I have worked with Sonia to overcome several business challenges and her coaching and ideas always helped me find a solution. I've found great value in her insights and I would recommend her to anyone facing a business or professional challenge.” 


Director, Ball Corporation

“Sonia is a highly recommended business coach. She is professional, knowledgeable and a very thorough listener. She helped me tackle a few challenges in my recent leadership promotion. I inherited a rather challenging personnel issue and she used her skills and experiences to help me find the right solution without directly telling me what to do. Her coaching techniques had great success with me and led to unexpected positive results that brought cohesiveness to my team. It is remarkable that Sonia could lead me through challenges remotely and without knowing the personalities involved on a direct level. I hope to need her coaching again!”


Mechanical Engineer, Rio Tinto

“Sonia was a fantastic coach. As a new graduate starting a job at a big company she offered great advice and helped me set goals to ensure I succeeded in my position. She has a wealth of knowledge from a long career and was quite helpful in offering guidance to aid in the beginning of my career. I would highly recommend Sonia to anyone looking for a qualified and experienced coach.”


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